Sweet 16 Month Olds

A month is a really long time in toddler land, that's why it's a good thing to document the twin's development month by month. Last month is soooo 30 days ago. Today, things are a little different in casa twintopia. Specifically here are the milestones for my sweet 16 month olds:

Vocal Development: Both girls now chatter and sing on a regular basis. I've been singing a lot of "Row, row, row your boat" and "Baa baa black sheep" to them because they love the repetitive nature of the first lines. I swear Spice was singing row row row your boat in the car yesterday. I know she was singing and here were a lot of "ros" in the song

Communication skills: The twins learnt the sign for "More" in daycare so they have multiple ways of communicating when they want something and they do that quite regularly. Spice has added "more", "shoes", "toes" and "socks" to her arsenal of words. I think in being too literal I may have confused her with the toes, socks shoes thing because she sometimes uses them interchangeably.
Sugar now says a definitive "hiya" when she picks up any phone.

Physical development: Sugar has grown 2 more teeth, bringing her grand total to 6. She's also now noticeably taller than Spice by almost a good inch. And by tall I mean 12-18 months leggings are now highwaters. I can't wait for their 18 month checkup to have their heights and weights checked again.

Non-social skills: Both girls have mastered some of the intricacies of nose blowing aka snoot-smear-lick. Spice has learnt that if its white and flat, you can blow your nose in it. That means she's tried to blow her nose into dryer sheets and printing paper. Sugar on the other hand has figured out that if you place one teeny finer over your teeny nostril, you can increase the force and volume of snoot coming out.

Twin Parenting Month 16 - Mama Says
Potty training: I now have 2 pottys but I have to be honest that the thought of potty training twins makes me break out in a cold sweat. I think I'll wait till we're done moving.

Menu Planning: I'm having to be more innovative with foods and mealtimes because the twins are now more selective with food. More on that next week.

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