Sugar & Spice Chronicles: Streaker and Fashionista

Yet another first in my Twintopia. It's a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. Twin babies are happily playing by the coffee table. Mommy is plugging away at the computer and daddy is plugging away at another computer. It's the closest we'll ever get to being the picture of 21st century urban bliss.

Out of the blue, a semi-nekkid baby streaks across my living room. Surprise is an understatement. On one side of the room is Sugar almost as nekkid as the day she was born; and on the other side of the room are Sugar's pants that used to be on her body. My baby has learnt how to divest herself of her pants much like a drunken english soccer fan. Sigh! She's trying to do the same with the tees but luckily for me, she's yet to figure out the whole arm-out-of-sleeves and pull-over-head manuver. She's my little streaker and I love her.

Spice on the other hand has a different relationship with clothes. She can't get enough of them on. Her favorite activity is to walk up to the laundry basket and find something she likes. She then proceeds to drape it prettily around her neck and crawl-strut around the house. I've even seen her stop to preen in front of the full-length mirrors a time or two. She's attempted to drape everything - sleepers, tights, shirts, towels, diapers, boxers even gift wrapping paper. Everytime I see her crawling around with her pyjamas draped around her neck, I hear Tim Gunn's voice in my head. (Don't know why?!) She's my little fashionista and I love her for it.


  1. Awwwww, they sound super cute! My daughter is just like your Spice...LOVES clothes!!! What out though because shopping as you know it will never be the same once she's a few more years older!!

  2. Haha! My girls are about to be two, and neither of them have ever attempted to take off their clothes. I should be knocking on wood right now, shouldn't I? ;)

    Your comparison of Sugar to a drunken English soccer player fan cracked me up.

    I think my girls are more like your spice. They love to see themselves in the mirror adorned with things that they really don't need. to have on. It IS super cute though :)

  3. This is hilarious to me because two days ago my Livvy went streaking across the dining room and I thought the same exact thing! What's funny about that though is she's also my girl that likes to wear clothes. I think we are in trouble momma!

  4. Nekkid...giggle. giggle :-)


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