14 = Independence Day

January 16 and this will be the first monthly stats post for the year 2012.

Spice at 14 months: Has all 8 of her incisors out and she's walking! My baby is officially a toddler and she toddles 75% of the time. Emotionally, she's been super sweet and never passes up an opportunity for a cuddle - the experts call that separation anxiety

Sugar at 14 months: She's just had her top 2 central incisors come out. Once she saw that Spice was walking, she was quick to follow suit. She'll toddle 30% of the time but crawling is her preferred mode of mobility. Emotionally she's goofy and competitive - I believe the experts call that parallel play 

Current skills: Gargling with milk and water, partial undressing, sofa climbing, stretching out hands to ask for things, highfiving, figured out that the best food  is always the one on mommy or daddy's plate. We've started trying to teach them the names of bodyparts but seem stuck on nose. When asked "where's your nose", they stick a finger up their nostril. I suspect we've laid the foundation for the nose pick 'n' eat; one of the grossier joys of childhood.

This month's highlights
  • Object permanence - defined as knowing that even though the door is closed, mama's on the other side and if I bang long enough and loudly enough, she'll come out and play
  • Conversations - defined as sister chats after mommy puts us in bed for naptime. Usually accompanied by giggles and shrieks of laughter
  • Independence - defined as slapping mama's hand away if she brings any piece of silverware in the direction of your pie-hole
  • Independence - defined as twisting and fighting mama when she's trying to change your dirty diaper
  • Angry - defined as opinion to give big people messing with your independence. Usually accompanied by angrily crawling away to a corner, throwing self on the floor, flinging head backwards and scream-crying
  • Wisdom - mommy learning to keep her lips (and soft body parts) away from the 90th percentile head of a toddler throwing a tantrum
It's not the 4th of July and we have toddlers nor aliens but it's still independence day in this 'hood. Happy birthday my loves!

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