13 Joyful Months

I really thought I was done with the monthly updates, but the girls are changing so much and so fast, I just have to document. So I'll still be posting monthly stats, the only difference is I'm focusing more on the developmental stuff and less on the weight and cloth sizes etc.

13 Months of Spicy love: My little honey chums is growing three teeth at the same time and being quite a trooper about it. Likes to nibble at mommy and sister - neither of us really like that much. Now a pro at delivering the cry that induces massive mommy-guilt. She starts by making an O-shape with her lips and sad puppy dog eyes. The "O" gets me every time
She seems to have added one more word to her vocabulary - "gba" which means "take" in my language. Now before she flings unwanted food off her tray, she offers it to me and if I don't take it, then she flings it away.

13 Months of Sweet Sugar: On the 11th of December, I was on the phone with one of the many grandmas asking if the babies had started walking. As if on cue, Sugar pulled herself up and took 3 steps. I was majorly psyched and she was quite proud of herself too! This act has not been repeated so far but she enjoys standing by herself and then applauding herself.
She likes to grab at things during diaper changes so I taught her to say diaper. I believe it comes out as "aka" but it definitely has the intonation of diaper. Now she grabs everything and holds it up to me and says "aka?" and I say "no baby thats a bla bla bla".

This month's firsts
  • Blowing kisses to Sugar when leaving the daycare and having her blow kisses back at me
  • Both babies crawling up to their booster high chairs and sitting all by themselves
  • A lot of hair pulling and counter-hair pulling going on

I'm having fun and loving it all

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