One Year Old Twins

Well, after all the buildup and anticipation, the day(s) came, we had fun and now it's back to normal. The girls had their birthday on Wednesday wherein they polished off a cupcake each. I've been delaying the stats update because I do not have my weight scale, but can't put that off any more.

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight: No idea  but some of the smaller pants are getting snug. I can't wait to do a weight check actually
Dress size: 9 - 12months but still wearing 9m Carters sleepers
Diaper size: Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight: See comments for Spice
Dress size: 9 - 12 months
Diaper size: Size 3

Feeding Schedule
We now have 2 schedules, one for the weekdays in daycare and one for the weekend. Regardless, the girls are up by 7am and they get 8oz each of whole milk. Spice gets lactose-free milk while Sugar gets 3% homogenized milk.
On weekdays, they get a cereal bar after their milk and off to daycare where they get a morning snack around 9am. The morning snack is usually some fruit and carb. On weekends at home, they get a bigger breakfast after their cup of milk and I skip the 9am snack.
Lunch is around 11:30am and consists to another 8oz of milk in a sippy cup followed by the baby-version of an adult lunch (meat, carb and vegetable). 3:00 is time for an afternoon snack that could be rice cakes, fruit, yoghurt melts etc with water. Dinner is at 6:00pm and that's also an 8oz cup of milk followed by meat/cheese, carb (rice or pasta or plantain). I definitely need to have more vegetables in their dinner.

Sleep Schedule
At home, the girls still like their one hour morning nap from 9:30am and another afternoon nap. In the daycare, they've been fighting the morning nap and having one longer nap in the afternoon instead.


Physical: Both girls are cruising comfortably and Sugar has tried to stand on her own a few times (her record is 8 seconds).

Verbal and Social: The girls love to play with each other and aggravate each other (depending on the time of the day). They still love to play tag, peekaboo and of recent, they wake up in the morning and smash their faces together. I'm guessing that's a "good morning sister" kiss. That's the good, cute part.
On some days, Spice wants to cuddle and insists on putting her head on Sugar's tummy and Sugar's having none of it and trying desperately to shove her sister away except that Spice is still bigger and therefore harder to push off. On other days, Sugar INSISTS on playing and Spice just wants to be left alone and crawls as fast as she can to get away from her sister. Unfortunately for her, Sugar is faster so she can't get away.  I'm learning to intervene a lot less and let them build the boundaries and set the rules for their own relationship as long as extreme physical foul is not being commited. 
Spice has a vocabulary of 2 discernable words - mama and dada. Sugar's vocabulary is 50% bigger at 3 words - mama, tdati (daddy) and numyum (food or hungry.

Emotional: Interacting with mommy and daddy, both babies have become a lot more opinionated. They don't need words to convey their displeasure with a snack, their car seat or getting changed.

Where did a year go? I'll be switching to quarterly or half-yearly stats going forward and I just may have photo updates instead. Still in the initial thought process.

Have a great thanksgiving week y'all

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