Birthday Countdown and Numbers

My babies are going to be a year old in another 7 days. Excuse me for a minute.
*Blow nose*
* Deep breath* *Steady Heart rate*

Ok, let's start that again.My babies are going to be a year old in another 7 days. I could insert all the time-centered cliches here but I'll spare you. Instead, I'll tell you that I'm celebrating:

18750 ounces of formula *GASP!*
220 ounces of breastmilk - I know, pathetic!
35 feeding bottles
2 healthy appetites
1 lactose sensitivity
0 allergies

8 sets of cloth diapers, 6 of which have since found a new home
3 strollers and I have a suspicious feeling this number is going to go up. I suffer from stroller envy at airports and theme parks. Speaking of which...

3079 airmiles per baby
23 nights in hotel rooms
5 flights
4 cities
1 driving ticket (for mommy not the babies)
0 accidents

8 nose-cleaning aka snot-removing appliances
3 episodes of diaper rash
2 scalps covered with cradle cap
1 ear infection and the attendant antibiotics complications
0 emergency room visits

68 sleep and play suits
Double that number or more of bodysuits (onesies)
18 pairs of shoes (2 that were never worn, 4 worn once and 6 worn less than 5 times each) 
3 earrings lost - 2 found 1 to go or gone forever

It's been a fun year and more importantly, it's been a super blessed year and I'm going to spend the next 7 days telling you all about it :)

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