11 Months

11 months. T - 1 month! I'm on cruise control for all issues pertaining to birthday planning. No ideas. I'm waiting for the light bulb to go off. In the interim, here are our 11 month stats

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight: 18lbs 5oz (gained 6oz)
Dress size: 9 - 12months but still wearing 9m Carters sleepers
Diaper size: Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight: 17lbs 11oz (gained 6oz)
Dress size: 9 - 12 months
Diaper size: Size 3

The schedule hasn't changed from last month, but since I discovered the beauty of food pouches, I'll be changing the 3pm bottle feeding to a snack of a pouch food and water. That will put us on a 3 bottle a day schedule and closer to the typical schedule in preschools. 
Another big change is the sippy cup has been somewhat successfully introduced. The daycare ladies just stopped giving the girls their milk in bottles so we're more or less transitioned. I am however having a tough time putting the bottles away because it's like declaring my babies are now big girls - this bottle-sippy thing is harder for me than it is for them
Cheese is back in our diet and lunch is now fully finger-foods. Yoghurt is however still in the penalty box as are eggs

Top Gear - My fave 5 
Orthodontic pacifiers that glow in the dark  - will I ever stop loving them?


Physical: Sugar's cruising while holding on to furniture. She can stand on her own but she doesn't know it yet. Spice is speed army crawling and just started crawling on all fours. She can pull herself to a standing position and take a couple of steps but doesn't like to stay on her feet for long. 
Verbal and Social: Both girls can and love to clap their hands. They have alsoe started interacting with each other actively. They love to play the crawling version of tag and peekaboo. First thing in the morning, they beam at each other. 

This post is part of my 31 day blogging challenge thanks to the lovely hosts.

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