10 Months Old

10 month old babies = 2 month from first birthday  = PANIC!

I still don't have a plan for our birthday. In the interim, here are our stats

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight: 18lbs (Either my scale is broken or this kid is actually losing weight)
Dress size: 9 - 12months but can still fit comfortably into some of the 9m clothes
Diaper size: Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight: 17lbs 5oz (gained 5oz)
Dress size: 9 - 12 months
Diaper size: Size 3

The girls have pushed their early morning bottle to around 6:30am. Breakfast is  still 4oz of solids at 8:30am in the daycare. Lunch is 7oz bottle of formula followed by 3 oz of solids around noon. Afternoon snack is a 7oz bottle at 3:30 PM and dinner is 7oz bottle plus 2 oz solids or finger foods at 6:30pm. Bedtime is 7:30pm

Yogurt has been causing copious amounts of spit-up lately. I don't know if it a milk-sensitivity issue or I just got a bad batch of yogurt. Either way, I can't afford for the girls to be spitting up the few calories they are getting so I'm giving them a break from yogurt and cheese

Top Gear - My fave 5 
Orthodontic pacifiers that glow in the dark 

The playarea

Our favorite toysThey are playing and interacting with their toys a lot more now

Physical: Sugar's crawling faster and standing up with assistance. Spice is speed army crawling but doesn't like to stay on her feet for long. They're also both working on their pincer grip but Spice is ahead on this. She can spot a thin strand on the carpet 20 feet away and race for it, daintily pick it up between her thumb and forefinger and plop it in her mouth. What confuses me is she won't do this for her food. Only for things on the floor.

Verbal and Social: Separation anxiety occasionally rears its head in both babies. Spice can wave goodbye and Sugar can clap and give high-fives. They've both started chattering away during car rides and diaper change time.

Independence: All the books say this is the period where babies start expressing their Independence. This comes out in the form of changing table struggles, swatting mama's hand during feeding times, holding bottle independently and having an opinion on getting into the car seat.

Most interestingly, we've had a couple of baby tantrums already. I guess it's supposed to serve as a preview of things to come. All I can say to the girls is "bring it on!"

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