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Comparing Baby Yoghurt Melts

Happymelts Strawberry flavored yogurt melt vs Gerber Graduates mixed berries yogurt melt

Ease of finger feeding: The concept of baby melts is that they melt on contact with moisture and somehow my babies always have moist palms. So one melt gets stuck in their palm and they can't see it, eat it or shake  it off. This is not an  issue at this stage because they are not self-feeding pros yet.

Taste to mommy: The Gerber melts are crunchier and taste milky. The Happymelts have a more yogurty taste. The Happymelts texture was softer and there was a chalky feel that I did not like

Taste to babies: They loved 'em

Verdict: Strictly on taste, Gerber takes the cake.

Nutritional facts table

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