Sugar & Spice Chronicles: Rock and Roll Edition

I've always wanted twins (triplets actually but when I came to the US and saw how fearsome kiddie tantrums can be, I dropped my expectations a notch).  I dreamt of having identical twins who would be polar opposites personality-wise or fraternal twins who would be extremely similar personality-wise. As luck will have it, I have neither. I have fraternal twins who are really, really different in patterns and behaviour and the analytical part of me just takes a lot of delight in their differences despite emerging from the same DNA pool.  

So what am I going to wax lyrical about today? It's the subject of motion or rather attempts at motion. The girls are both at the stage where they are very mobile without actually being able to crawl or walk. 

On the one hand, there's Spice - she's my rolling baby. She can roll her way from San Fransisco to Atlanta with a stop in Detroit without batting an eyelid. Seriously! The child is so comfortable getting around by rolling that  I suspect she's going to skip the crawling phase and just start walking.

Then there's my rocker baby. Ms Sugar has finally figured out the business of getting on all fours. All well and good except she doesn't know what to do next to get her little body to move. Her mind (and grunts) are willing her body to move but all she gets is a rocking on the spot motion and no actual movement.
So yes, until something changes, I have rock and roll babies in the house.

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