Food Snobbery

When I was younger, I used to have a theory that everyone thought their mother's cooking was the best. I'm no Paula Deen in the kitchen so one of the things I've been looking forward to with my children is hearing them boast about my cooking "My mom makes the best boiled eggs ever!". Tell it like it is baby. 

My dreams got an uppercut in the chin yesterday. You know I've been making baby food for the girls to take to daycare. The normal schedule is 3-4oz in the morning and 2-3oz for lunch. However, I did have a small stockpile of commercial baby food which I decided to use up. With that in mind, each girl took a 4oz pouch of breakfast baby food and a 4oz jar of lunch baby food to daycare yesterday. I included a note telling their care provider that they would only take 2oz from the jar and to store the leftovers in the refrigerator. You can only imagine my shock when I picked them up and was informed that they not only ate everything up, they seemed to want more.

Are these girls trying to tell me that Earth's Best Spinach and Potatoes tastes better than mommy's chicken with peas, carrots, corn and green beans? Did they get the memo of loving mommy's cooking? Is this a male thing - this love for mommy's cooking? Because if it is, I'm going to get me a son or two because I'm not going down like this! 

PS: In revenge I gave them jarred carrot and tomatoes for today's lunch. Let's see how you like that girls!

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