A Common Topic Amongst Mommy Bloggers

When I decided to blog about my experiences as a first time mother to twins, I tried to define the goals of my blogging. I wanted my blog to be a source of decent information and tips for any mother-to-be. I promised myself that I will not stray from my lofty goals. Great aspirations except (like anyone in the vicinity of a baby will tell you), bodily fluids are a big part of motherhood and sooner or later - no matter how hard you try - you're gonna end up making some reference to bodily fluids on your blog.

And that is the position that I find myself this morning. Where else can I find an audience that will understand that for the first time in ten years, I wore a dress to work. 1 day out of the 3743 days that I have worked with this employer, I wore a dress. AND this is the one morning, that my child; this child that is by all accounts a little girl, decides to pee like a boy once I took her diaper off. I shoulda known she was up to something when she looked quizzically at my dress like
"Where are your favorite black pants mummy?"
"Well baby, I took them to the drycleaners to get rid of the snot + peas mix that you generously spat at me last week instead of just saying you were done"
"But mummy, you can still wear your nice blouse!"
"No honey, I can't. Umm, remember when I gave y'alls the egg yolk in the morning?"
"Yets mommy, I didn't really wike it"
"I know dear, but Sugar did. She really wiked it. And she ate it. And she gave it back to mommy in the evening. Like a picasso painting on my blouse"
"Oh, I wemember. Eeeeew! baaaarrrrrrfffff!" *Spits up*
"Darling, all you've had this morning is milk. Why are there streaks of orange in your spit up? At least the white woulda blended in! Anyway, lets go change out diapy..." Innocently naive mommy says as she walks towards the changing table unaware of the arsenal a little Spice has hidden in her undies

So yes, I have tried to do it with a delicate hand but it had to be done. I have become another mommy blogger posting about poop, pee and other bodily fluids that babies are so generously endowed with.

PS: I'm still wearing the dress to work! *Snap*

Note to self: What a little boy can do, a little girl can do with equal precision

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