(Politically Correct) Nursery Rhymes

As I was giving the kids their bath yesterday, I sang "goosy goosy gander" lustily until I got to the geriatricide part - you know the part where the old man who couldn't say his prayers got thrown down the stairs. This is the latest on a growing list of  nursery rhymes that I've had to stop singing abruptly when the words dawn on me.

Like "sing a song of six pence" that includes animal cruelty (birds baked in a pie) and ends with class warfare (the queen was eating bread and honey while the maid loses a nose)

Then there's Jack and Jill. Were they husband and wife, brother and sister, BFFs? Regardless of their relationship, they started out the day doing chores and ended up with head injuries

Let's not forget the three blind mice and the violent farmer's wife. Actually in retrospect, I guess we can say the farmer's wife acted in self defense

Even "row row row your boat"; while not violent ends with "Life is but a dream". No it ain't unless you're Leonardo DeCaprio 

At this point, I've limited myself to "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "If You're Happy and You Know". I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but the girls still dig my voice. I know there's a possibility that I'm being finicky. It's highly probable that my repertoire of nursery rhymes is limited but still... what do you think really happened to the baby at the end of "Rock a bye baby".

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