First Squabbles

It's official, the girls definitely know about each other. They've been smiling at each other for months now but we've now had our first episodes of sibling squabbles to confirm their awareness of each other. 

First one of course had to do with a toy. There were 15 toys on the playmat, but they both decided they wanted the oball rattle. They can't crawl, they can't talk, but that did not stop the two duelling parties for sticking tiny fingers into the oball and pulling back and forth with legs frantically kicking amidst teeny tiny whines and grunts. Sugar won the tussle and Spice cried. I swear I bought two of those balls but I cannot for the life of me find the second one.

It happened again this morning. I had both babies on the bed while getting ready for the day. Spice got fussy so I gave her a paci. Would you know it, Sugar reaches over, removes the paci from Spice's mouth and sticks it into her own mouth without so much as a please and thank you. This leaves Spice in tears and Sugar looking like the proverbial sugar wouldn't melt on her tongue

It's official ladies and gentlemen, we've had our first squabbles. 
PS: Do you see the behavioral trend I see?

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