When Preparing for Twins Goes Wrong

Yes it happens. You can be too type A, too much of a planner even for a twin parent. I should know. I approached this whole being a mom to twins the same way I approached my school tests and exams. I planned and plotted and had 39 weeks to do so.

I determined how many bottles and what sizes I need for twins and then strategically got them plus their accessories at BRU for discounts and coupons. Ignorant lass that I was did not realise that
  1. Twins are hard work
  2. This mama is too undomesticated to enjoy the whole bottle washing business.
  3. BRU has this horrible 90 day return policy
Anyhos, I bought Avent bottles in July for babies I didn't meet till November. Well, after less than a week of bottle washing, I caved and bought Playtex drop-ins - a decision I still don't regret.

Now where did that leave the 18 bottles and accessories I thought I would use? Taking up precious floor space in an already small baby room.

Yes you can over plan is the answer to the question I'm sure you didn't ask.

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