Six Months Old

Six months old! How time flies! Half a year has gone by. 182 days that I wouldn't change for the world. Here are our six month stats:

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight             16lbs 8oz 
Dress size        6 - 9 months
Diaper size       Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight             15lbs 6oz
Dress size        6 - 9 months
Diaper size       Size 3

Feeding schedule is still 4 bottles of 6-8oz daily at 5am, 1130am, 3pm and 630pm. Night time feedings have been done away with for the most part. Apart from the daily formula ration of 30oz, the girls also have breakfast of solids at 815am and the occassional cereal or vegetable dinner after the 630pm bottle. First foods tried already are oatmeal cereal, sweet potato, squash, apples, pears, bananas and rice cereal in that order.

Top Gear - My fave 5 

Playtex nurser bottles and drop-ins - I am so glad that washing bottles is one less thing I have to do

Baby carrier - for when I need to carry the two babies up and down the stairs. Also, for getting from car to daycare room and vice-versa

Graco nasal aspirator - My skill with this has improved dramatically.; which is good as the number of runny noses has increased equally dramatically

Daddy - Get's the girls ready in the morning, making things less harried for me

Daycare - They've been really good and provided a safe, loving environment for my girls and immense support for me

Six months old milestones are somewhat subtle and not as obvious as the previous months. Both babies are refining their motor and verbal skills. Next stop, seven months and the possible onset of separation anxiety, crawling, first word and it better be mama

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