Names for Twins

Names for twins from my neck o the woods
The top names for twins in 2010 have just been released by the Social Security Administration. It's interesting to note that the number 3 names for girl-girl twins is one of the names that my girls got at their naming ceremony.

See in my culture, we have a naming ceremony when babies are a week old. Family members and close friends get to give them names and pray over them and their names. It's a very symbolic occasion as we believe that a person's name is a blessing and part of their life story. We also believe that some babies bring their names with them from heaven based on the circumstances of their birth. Twin babies fall under that category and we have some automatic twin names as do a lot of other cultures.

So, I did some googling and here's what I found. It's my very own list of names for twins
  1. Taiwo and Kehinde - Yorubas of Nigeria - Unisex
  2. Odion and Obokhian - Benins of Nigeria - Unisex
  3. Hassan(a) and Hussein(a) - Hausa-Fulanis of Nigeria. The "a" behind is for the feminine version
  4. Ata Panin and Ata Kumaa - Akan of Ghana / West Africa
  5. Adongo and Apio - Ateso of Uganda / Kenya
Another bit of the randomness I indulge in.

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