It's all in the jeans

Three things happened to me over the weekend that I have to tell you about
  • Friday: I was in Babies R Us and noticed that they now had a jeans version of their in-house brand of diapers. I thought "wow, guess they want to cash in on the trend"
  • Saturday: I was watching TV and on comes this adorable, yummy little boy in (size 5) jeans diapers. He was cool and he had swagger because he poos in blue. That's right!
  • Sunday: I run to Target to pick up some veggies in hopes of improving my eating habits. As I'm prone to do, I took the long route to the cashier via the baby aisle; and what did I spy with my peripheral vision? Baby wipes in jeans packaging!!
I'm writing this post because I cannot wrap my mind around it. I'm stumped. I don't even know where to start the thought process. What's the deal with poop and jeans and who's buying this stuff?

Just asking. Any answers? It's really keeping me up at night. Honestly!

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