Twin Stats - 5 months

Time flies along and newborns are becoming babies and babies are becoming young ladies. Here's our 5 month report card.

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight             15lbs 11oz 
Dress size        3 - 6 months
Diaper size       Size 3 (We're not at the recommended size range for size 3 diapers yet, but size 2s were just a pain in the proverbial diaper area)

Sugah aka Twin B

Weight             14lbs 12oz
Dress size        3 - 6 months
Diaper size       Size 3

Daytime schedule is still 4 bottles of 7 - 8oz. Ms  SpIce is sleeping through most nights without a feeding but Sugar still wakes for a 4oz bottle.  We've also tasted a few spoons of oat cereal and sweet potatoes in the evenings and on the weekends
Top Gear - My fave 5 

Bumbo seat - For feeding solids

Baby carrier - for when I need to carry the two babies up and down the stairs. Also, for getting from car to daycare room and vice-versa
Graco nasal aspirator - Because with daycare comes stuffy runny noses

Baby Vicks rub - I use this on them morning and night to soothe their chests and noses and hopefully minimize the discomfort of their congestion

Links - The cheapest and most basic of all toys also offers the most fun

Quilt from mommy's bed - The activity mat is now too small for both babies to be on and they are not mobile enough for a gated play area yet. Solution? I spread a king-sized quilt on the living floor and the girls love it. They roll over front to back, back to front, get stuck mid-roll, scream their little heads off, and generally have a ball.
Rolling over is a more frequent occurrence now but I suspect the girls are still surprised when they do I. Sugar seems to favor motor skills while SpIce favors the more social verbal skills. Two distinct personalities is what I have here.

And the best thing about five months? The babies now recognise and smile at each other. They also "talk" to each other ... even hold hands to sleep. When Sugar cries, SpIce somehow manages to slide close to her and hold her hand. She's such a big sister. Turns mommy's heart into marshmallows every time

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