Sugar & Spice Chronicles: Restaurant Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, I have two little diners on my hands. On the one hand is the 16lb baby popularly known as Ms Spice on myTwintopia. She eats like a person who just picked up a triple cheese burger at the drive thru window - hungry and FAST!

On the other hand is Ms Sugar! Fine diner extraordinaire. She takes her time to savour every mouthful with the speed of a turtle-drawn buggy. Sloooowly!!! I'm talking 5 minutes an ounce here. 35 minutes for the current 7 oz bottles du jour. . She sips, she surveys the scenery, sips again, "oh look at that shiny black box", sips again and then smiles ever so sweetly as she gazes right into my eyes... beautiful!

Makes me look forward to the two of us spending quality time exploring the finer culinary delicacies in 20 years time... except baby, it's not 2031 yet, it's 2011 and mommy would really enjoy a few more minutes of zzzs so please, quit the 4AM fine dining. This is not a 24 hour Mickey Ds

Thank you boo!


  1. We have a gazer and a fast food snarfer too! My Olivia looks around, sips, reaches for hair, blankets, shirts, pillows, dogs, cats, anything she can find, takes a drink, and reaches some more. It takes FOREVER to feed her! And she also has been getting up consistently at 4 AM for weeks! Brianna, my little fast food snarfer can down a bottle in 10 minutes no problem! Sleeps through the night, etc. They crack me up! Hope the 4 AM's stop soon!!
    And a question - I know I have your email somewhere - but someone just contacted me regarding the extra follistim on my blog. I'm out, but I didn't know if you still had yours left or not. I think yours expired after mine too (mine expired in June 2011). If you still have some, let me know and I can hook you up with the blogger that needs it =). Thanks!!

  2. Haha! If only it was that easy of a request! Loved your description of each! Have a great week!


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