Mirror, mirror in my heart

Something amazing is happening with the girls. On the one hand,it seems they are totally unaware of each other. They don't physically acknowledge themselves and look away in disinterest when we try to get them to look at each other. I would have concluded that they are unaware of each other's existence except that they now mirror each other. How?

They've adopted each other's personality traits and mannerisms. Also, asleep and awake, they mirror each other's cries and grunts and snorts. Its really amazing to watch. They cry as if on cue. The puzzle when they both start crying at the same  time is for me to pinpoint who's really upset and who's just mirroring. That determines who gets picked up first. If I guess wrong, well... let's just say the neighbours won't be getting any much sleep. Just another amazing twin phenomenum that highlights God's greatness in the things we can't explain

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